Rich Media Technologies produces public phone unit replacements with built in rich media screens delivering eye-level, location based advertising with no setup or ongoing costs.RMT Rich Multimedia Technologies

Innovative Engagement via Digital Eye-Level Marketing

The RMT Terminal delivers eye-level advertising impressions via free public phones.


Over 25 million eye-level marketing impressions

Over 25 million location-based advertising impressions available. All with trackable ROI.


Restoring lost payphone revenue via advertising

The RMT Terminal restores lost payphone revenue for facilities through advertising revenue sharing, at no setup or ongoing cost to the facility.

RMT Unit

About Rich Multimedia Technologies

Rich Multimedia Technologies has a passion for effective location based advertising and customer engagement in a world full of mixed messages and ambivalent consumers. With 30+ years of experience managing over 6000 payphones, Rich Multimedia Technologies creates vibrant ROI ecosystems for Facilities and Advertisers through the power of eye-level marketing.

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