Rich Media Technologies produces public phone unit replacements with built in rich media screens delivering eye-level, location based advertising with no setup or ongoing costs.RMT Rich Multimedia Technologies

Features for Facilities

Backed by a Full Advertising Network

Backed by a Full NetworkThe RMT terminals replace all payphones within the facility and also can be re-installed on any abandoned payphone enclosures, displaying the attractive digital eye-level advertising network that can restore payphone revenues. Advertising is placed on these terminals through either RMT advertising partners or with any existing adverting partnerships and contracts in existence at the facility.

Free Public Phones Services for All Patrons

Free Phone CallsThe RMT terminal retains the practical use of the public phone with a number of free call options – ranging from national to international packages. This allows the facility to still offer its patrons phone services while avoiding exorbitant phone charges.

Opportunity for In-house Advertising

Opportunity for In-house AdsFacilities can leverage the RMT Terminal for in-house advertising, including facility announcements, way finding and any other location-based advertising.