Rich Media Technologies produces public phone unit replacements with built in rich media screens delivering eye-level, location based advertising with no setup or ongoing costs.RMT Rich Multimedia Technologies

Benefits for Facilities

Restore Profits from the 'Payphone Days'

Restore ProfitThe RMT terminals once again return to facilities the required revenues needed to justify this occupied space. Through the medium of advertising, we generate commissions to pay facilites for the use of this space.

Complete Upgrade from Old Payphones to RMT Terminals

Complete UpgradeMany payphones in today’s facilities are abandoned, closed up or run down. Rich Multimedia Technologies upgrades all locations to the new RMT Terminals. Returning this space to an eye-pleasing location.

No Investment and Servicing Costs for Facility Managers

No Investment CostsThe upgrade to RMT terminals does not burden the facility with any installation or servicing costs. Everything is completely managed and serviced by RMT and the local vendor.

Free Public Phones Services for all Patrons

Free Phone CallsEvery RMT terminal offers facility patrons free phone calls to any location within the United States. This offer extends the boundaries of customer service and does away with expensive payphone rates.

Create In-house Advertising Opportunities

In-house Ad OpportunitiesFacilities also gain the opportunity to promote their own advertising, way finding and customer service on the RMT network.