Rich Media Technologies produces public phone unit replacements with built in rich media screens delivering eye-level, location based advertising with no setup or ongoing costs.RMT Rich Multimedia Technologies

Advertiser Specific Features

The RMT Portal

The RMT portal provides everything you’ll need to manage your RMT campaigns and stay on top of the latest reports and analytics for you or your clients.

Custom StatsFull Campaign Reporting
Customized advertising reports present all required advertising analytics and diagnostics that pair with your advertising package. All reporting is customizable to your unique reporting needs.

Campaign ManagementCampaign Management
Campaign assets can be managed directly from the RMT Portal, providing you 24/7 access to the RMT content management and advertising logistics team.

The RMT Terminal

Eye-level advertising in its purest form. The RMT Terminal is the delivery location for your advertising campaigns.

    Comprehensive Campaigns Include:
  • Free VOIP Calls
  • Video Advertising
  • HD Static Banners
  • Pre-call Messages
  • Preset Speed Dial Buttons
  • Digital Coupon / QR Code Ready
  • Opportunity for Immediate Conversions

RMT Terminal Advertising Specs

RMT Spec Sheet

Complete ad specifications for the RMT terminal platform.



Eye-levelEye-Level Advertising
Digital out-of-home advertising at eye-level has proven stopping power and influence over that of billboards, online, and TV commercials. At eye-level, this medium does not require consumers to go out of they way to look for it.

ConversionsOpportunity for Immediate Conversions
All advertising blocks have built in tracking for conversions, allowing measurement of impressions AND effectiveness of the campaign.

HD QualityHD Static and Video Advertising
HD screen technology delivers static and video advertising in the highest possible resolution. In its simplest form the RMT terminals placed throughout a facility provide a substantial HD eye-level miniature billboard system.

CrosslocationCross-Location Presentation
Advertisers gain access to all machines in the facility for one single price. Meaning that an ad is present on all machines and constantly reinforced for consumers as they walk through the facility.

QR and Coupon ReadyDigital Coupon / QR Code Ready
RMT terminals are Digital Coupon / QR Code ready requiring minimal effort for consumers to redeem offers.

Custom Speed Dial ButtonsCustomizable Speed Dial Buttons
Customizable speed dial buttons allow you to point consumers directly to desired services. A highly efficient means of conversion for fast paced consumers.