Rich Media Technologies produces public phone unit replacements with built in rich media screens delivering eye-level, location based advertising with no setup or ongoing costs.RMT Rich Multimedia Technologies

Benefits for Agencies & Ad Networks

Digital Eye-level Marketing

Eye-levelDigital eye-level advertising is considered the next major initiative within the advertising mix. It's a medium that can truly communicate and cut through the noise of today's busy marketplace. The RMT Digital network is a highly effective way for avtsrs to capitalize on this trend and offer their clients a new advertising tool for communication.

Tailored Agency-Client Reporting

Custom StatsOur in-house advertising team tailors reports for all our advertising clients. RMT will work with the client to ensure reporting standards and requirements are met.

Multiple Advertising Options within the Network

Multiple Ad OptionsWe can accommodate multiple forms of digital advertising within the RMT Digital Network. From HD banners and videos, to QR codes and direct client touch points, we ensure our clients' wide variety of advertising needs are accommodated.

Instant Access to New Digital Networks with No Required Investment

No Required InvestmentAs many agencies and networks know, setting up new advertising infrastructure is highly expensive and time consuming. The RMT Digital Network gives all parties instant access to the eye-level digital infrastructure at many high profile facilities throughout the country.

New Medium for Client Advertising

No Required InvestmentNot only is the RMT Digital Network offering digital eye-level advertising, but the medium of delivery is new. And lets be honest, when it comes to advertising, new is noticed!

Advertising Reinforcement

Ad ReinforcementBecause the RMT Network is a completely new medium for advertising delivery, we are not in competition with any other initiatives. We are rather complementing existing advertising mediums and creating demand rather than fighting for it.